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Yoga is a path of self discovery.  The practice of Hatha Yoga can aid the practitioner in this process.

Sun Moon Yoga offers local Yoga Classes in Sheffield for all abilities.

New term classes starting from the first week in September.  See classes page for details of each class.

Yoga Sheffield

About the Classes

Sun Moon Yoga classes focus on all aspects of Yoga practice, including postures, breathing techniques and meditation.  The Yoga classes are taught with the individual in mind, and each student is encouraged to practise according to their own capabilities and needs. Classes start with a period of quiet reflection where we notice the sensations in the body and the natural flow of the breath.  This period of checking in allows us to become aware of how we feel each time we come to class, so that every movement or posture practised is done so in a safe and mindful manner.


By proceeding gradually, step-by-step, the student becomes more aware of their body and breath.  Over time this brings a refining of the senses and quietening of the mind. The quiet mind allows us to remain stable in our postures for longer as we discover our increasing levels of flexibility and strength. Calmness in the mind can lead to less tension in the body and thus a greater sense of ease physically.  Ultimately the Yoga practice is a practice of self enquiry and self understanding.

Yoga in Sheffield

Style of Yoga

Sun Moon Yoga follows the path of Hatha Yoga,which begins with the practice of Asana and slowly introduces simple breathing techniques known as Pranayama.  Classes always have a period for relaxation, and meditation is introduced over the term.  Practising this way over time gradually builds greater strength, flexibility and increased neuro-muscular control of the body, leading to healthy, functional movement patterns.  Internally, the physiological systems such as the digestive, circulatory and immune system are also improved. There are many benefits of Yoga through a mindful regular practice, but it is not a magic cure-all and requires persistence and patience.

If you want to improve your health both physically and mentally, book a class today.

Have a look at our classes page to find out which class would suit you. Please get in touch or call / text Eric on 07984200290 for more details.

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