Pranayama – Exploring the Breath of Life

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Date(s) - 09/09/2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Unity Yoga Sheffield


Pranayama is the 4th limb or branch of Yoga according to the Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga, that involves the use of breathing techniques to help control the flow of Prana or energy in the body. Pranayama derives from two Sanskrit words – ‘prana’ (life force) and ‘yama’ (control).

The flow of Prana is natural and effortless and cannot be ‘controlled’ as such, but sometimes the flow becomes blocked due to tension in the body and mind. We may notice certain areas of the body that feels heavy or blocked, and it is these areas that can restrict the free flow of Prana. Pranayama, along with Asana or bodily movement and postures can help us ease out these restrictions in the body and begin to bring a refinement to the breath.

As Asana is seen as preparation for Pranayama, the practice of Pranayama is considered preparation for the higher practices of Yoga such as meditation.

In this workshop we will discover the natural flow of the breath as we progress through simple Asana to help free up physical restriction. We will use simple dynamic movement to connect with our breath, and static, held postures to observe the breath whilst softening in to a deeper opening and inner exploration of our bodies. This will prepare us physically and mentally to explore simple Pranayama techniques that we can then bring in to our own practice.

The practice of Pranayama has many benefits from improved breathing such as

  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Lowers / stabilises blood pressure
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases muscle relaxation
  • Decreases feelings of stress and of being overwhelmed
  • Improves physiological functioning of bodily systems e.g. digestion
  • Improves sleep patterns

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience with Yoga, as postures and Pranayama practices are adapted to suit the individual.

Eric has been practising Yoga for over 20 years after having initially discovered Yoga whilst travelling in India. He has been teaching now for over 10 years and has undertaken various teacher trainings and workshops with renowned internationally recognised Therapeutic Yoga teachers such as Donna Farhi, Tias Little, A.G. Mohan and Doug Keller. Eric is a registered and practising Yoga Therapist and is trained specifically to deal with the needs of an individual through 1-1 teaching. He is dedicated to teaching Yoga in a safe, informative and fun manner that is inclusive to all.

Cost for the Workshop is £25.

This workshop is being held at Unity Yoga in central Sheffield. Bookings can be made through their website.

To book, please CLICK HERE


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