Yoga Therapy Day – Yoga for Back Care

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Date(s) - 12/05/2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Shirley House


The spine is a wonderful and ingenious piece of engineering that serves to support the body weight and protect the spinal cord.  Messages to the brain are sent and received through the spinal cord from and to the various part of the body, making it essential for us to maintain the health of our spine if we want to maintain health of our whole body.

Poor posture, lack of body awareness and muscle imbalances can pull the spine out of it’s best neutral position, and over time, lead to a number of ailments that cause us pain and stress.  When we are also under emotional stress, the back can often suffer.

This workshop will help us to find ways in which we can maintain the health and correct functioning of the spine whilst looking at techniques that can relieve existing pain and discomfort. We will explore simple postures that help us to feel how our spine moves, and explore ways in which we can maintain or increase stability and flexibility. We will look at the anatomy of the spine, and begin to understand the bio-mechanics of our movement in relation to the spine. and how we can improve our functionality in movement. We will also explore the connection between the autonomic nervous system and stress, and the affect this has upon us, and will learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can bring us some relief from the everyday stresses.

This workshop is suitable for those with chronic back pain, but if you want to attend, please let me know of any serious conditions relating to the spine.

This day course can also be of interest to Yoga teachers who may want to develop their understanding of the spine, whilst collecting CPD hours.

I have studied continuously for 3 and a half years with a local physiotherapist and yoga teacher, Lesley Dike, and have also undertaken numerous other specialist Yoga training for people with back problems.  I am a certified Yoga Therapist, registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.  This course specifically focuses on the holistic perspective of keeping the spine healthy, looking not only at the physical issues but also how the mind and emotions affect our backs.

This should not be a substitute for professional help, but rather, complementary, so please refer to your doctor or professional practitioner if you have serious conditions.

Maximum of 16 spaces for this event.

Cost : £37 / £30 Low waged


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