Yoga for a Healthy Spine

 Sat 1st Dec  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm  Power of Yoga, 2B, Westwick Crescent, Sheffield S8 7DG

The spine is the central support structure of our body that connects all the various parts of the skeleton together, and enables us to move and function in a coordinated manner through our every day lives. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord and nerve roots, through which messages to and from the brain are relayed to the various part of the body, thus making it essential for us to maintain the health of our spine if we want to maintain health of our whole body.

Poor posture, lack of body awareness and muscle imbalances can pull the spine out of it’s optimal position, and over time may lead to poor function, inflexibility and loss of stability, possibly creating chronic pain.

This workshop will help us to find ways in which we can maintain the health and correct functioning of the spine whilst looking at techniques which can relieve existing pain and discomfort. We will explore the anatomy of the spine, along with the its four movements, using gentle Somatic exercises to begin to regain awareness and control of the muscles of the trunk, and notice how these movements help us to reconnect with the rest of the body.

We will also notice how we place our spine in the various Asana or postures, and begin to find the most appropriate position for ourselves, through sensory feedback, or, listening in to what our bodies are telling us. This will help us to maintain steadiness (Sthira) and comfort (Sukha) in all our movements.

Through the use of breath awareness and relaxation techniques we will learn to manage mental anxieties and stress that can too often be the underlying cause of back pain.

This workshop is suitable for all levels including beginners.

Props such as blocks, mats and bolsters will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own also.

This workshop is held at Power of Yoga Studio in Greenhill.  Please click here to book through their website if you are booking online.

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