An Introduction to Somatic Movement Workshop

Date: Saturday 9th May 2020

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Location: Shirley House, 31 Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YE


An Introduction to Somatic Movement Workshop

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About the Class

‘Somatics’ is a term coined by Thomas Hanna PhD, that refers to the discipline of movement reeducation that enhances internal awareness of one’s body. Somatic perception is your own experience of how it feels to be you in your body. From the Greek word ‘soma’, meaning ‘of the body’, somatics can help us to get in touch with our inner bodily sensations and movement patterns or reflexes that often go unnoticed.

Thomas Hanna discovered that there are three basic reflexes in the body that are unconsciously created through our experiences to life.  These reflexes can sometimes lead to unhelpful, awkward movements that create pain in the body, and agitation in the mind.  Somatic movement uses simple techniques that teach the nervous system to let go of held tensions in the body, allowing us to begin to move in a more coordinated and pain free manner.

In this workshop we will learn a few simple movements that can help us to regain control over our muscular activity, bringing a greater freedom in the body and ease to the mind.

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners.

All participants will receive a short routine to take home and practice.