Thursday 6pm - Online Somatics Class

Time: Thursdays 6 pm – 7.15pm

Dates:  6 week course from

  • 3rd Sept – 8th Oct 2020
  • 5th Nov – 10th Dec 2020

Participants will be required to use Zoom.

Cost:  6 week pass –  £50 / £10 drop-in  Please check with me for spaces before purchase

25% discount for those on low income, please contact me for booking.

Terms and Conditions for passes:

  • Pass can be used at another class if you cannot make your usual class.
  • Class passes are non refundable once in use, unless for extenuating circumstances.

By purchasing this pass, you agree to the terms and conditions above.

About the class: Please see below


Thursday 6pm - Online Somatics Class

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About the Class

The ‘Soma’ is the Greek word meaning the body as felt from the inside. The soma is the living experience of what you feel in your body. Somatic movement helps one to improve awareness of their body and inner sensations and helps bring about more coordinated, pain free movement that can improve our posture, the way we walk, run or swim, and help us to move more naturally.

  • Learn simple movement to free the body from pain and improve coordination of the body
  • Understand how reflexes of the nervous system affect our posture and mobility
  • Learn how to counter the negative effects of these reflexes
  • Class limited to smaller numbers, for more individual attention
  • Suitable for those that may need a slowed down, more gentle approach to movement
  • Suitable for pain management
  • Drop-in spaces may be available on request