The classes are great in every way. I like how you begin by asking us to focus on how we are feeling when the class begins, in a funny way often finding it comforting to know that perhaps I'm not the only one who has anxious thoughts buzzing through my head. But also how very helpful the class is in feeling much more relaxed and more present as the hour goes by. I’m always amazed to find more that more than an hour has passed when it’s nearing the end of the class… The meditation at the end is great. At the end of our last session I had a funny and welcome sensation that the sun had come out, feeling I was warm from lying in the sun when it was time to finish. It wasn’t at all….just grey and damp as it had been at the start of the class! Thanks again for such skilful and helpful teaching,
Eric's classes are welcoming and friendly. He encourages us to work to our own strengths, pushing us to an extent, but never challenging us before we're ready. His calm, playful approach makes for a very non-intimidating atmosphere, and, having taken novice and experienced friends along, he caters to all levels. A true pleasure and joy!
Calming, insightful, therapeutic. A great session!
First time doing yoga in ten years, forgot my concerns within half an hour!
Thank you for the peaceful, non-pressurised yet helpful and informative delivery. Very useful.
About Yoga for Lower Back Workshop.
Yet another fantastic workshop with some very positive tips for calming yourself with breathing. Really enjoyed it.
Fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning - relaxing, insightful and lots of techniques that are transferable to home and day to day. Thank you
Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop on Saturday. I came away feeling revitalised, and refreshed. My breathing has definitely improved too which has been a concern of mine and I am consciously breathing now. I thought the programme flowed brilliantly and I loved the variety of the programme and the interaction throughout, with partner poses, the music (really loved this part) and I felt deeply relaxed in the meditation and yoga nidra. The shared lunch was awesome, and everybody mixed and chatted, I met some lovely people.
Thanks as always Eric. Excellent for my tinnitus and also for the trapped nerve in my lower back
Just been to Eric's 'Calm amidst the storm workshop'. It was a great mix of physical and mental Yoga - and I feel beautifully calm now. Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning.. Thanks Eric
Just to say thanks for the Yoga session at St Marks...can't tell you how relaxed I felt afterwards- I could certainly catch the bug! I found the sessions were friendly, down to earth, skillfully managed and just right for me...
Thanks so much for this morning. I could feel my back loosening to the extent that I could almost manage child’s position. Which I’ve not been able to do for years and thought I never would again. I have already incorporated some of our previous back exercises into my daily routine and shall now add these as well. Marvellous. I am beginning to realise I hold myself strangely – I wake up very stiff and even when I have done my daily exercises I still can’t lay with legs straight out – can only achieve that with a cushion under back of knees – until today. I could lay flat and it didn’t hurt my lower back – usually it hurts across the sitting bone area and I can feel tension which I can’t release in legs and back – I think this morning it was the hip flexor stuff that really had an impact, although I know it is all connected.