Yoga classes, Somatic Movement and Yoga Therapy in Sheffield and Online

Welcome to Sun Moon Yoga Sheffield

Sun Moon Yoga offers professional Yoga and Somatic movement classes in Sheffield and online. We also offer 1-1 sessions in Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Somatic Movement and Functional Movement.

Eric is a full time Yoga and Somatics teacher and has over 16 years experience of teaching. He has trained with many world class teachers and is committed to teaching in a safe and professional manner with respect for the individual.

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The Path of Yoga

The path of Yoga is a journey of self-discovery that allows the practitioner to explore who they are from the physical and mental level to the spiritual. Our Yoga classes based in Sheffield and online offer a simple and safe way to go about this. By progressing through the various aspects of a Yoga practice, the practitioner will begin to notice improvements in health, both physically and mentally, and upon deeper enquiry can begin to connect with the essential essence of who they are.

What are the steps of a Yoga practice?

We begin by noticing the body and the breath as they are in this moment. By simply being aware, we can assess actually how we feel right here and now, and then begin to respond to that.

Noticing, in more and more detail the bodily sensations, we begin to recognise and unlock habits of tension that are usually, unconsciously held within.

As body awareness improves, so does the awareness of the breath. A pattern of breathing cannot be imposed on a person. Rather, the person learns to allow the breath respond naturally.

This is a refreshing way to bring back life to the whole being! Prana, or the life force is able to flow!

As the body and breath unite, the mind gradually becomes more stable and present.

A present mind is able to think more clearly, and discern between actions that are beneficial and non beneficial.

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The obstacles to clear perception begin to fade away, and the light of who you are is uncovered. This is felt and experienced as peacefulness within.

Our aim.

The aim of Sun Moon Yoga is to provide professional, safe and friendly Yoga and Somatics classes both in person in Sheffield and online, that encourage this journey of self exploration. 

The Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits

Increased mobility and strength of the joints. Less tension and better movement in the body. Improved balance and coordination. Improved spinal health, posture and gait. Increases blood flow to muscles. Facilitates physical relaxation.

Physiological Benefits

Improved functioning of the respiratory system. Increase of nutrients and oxygen sent to the body tissues. Improved Digestion, allowing for better absorption of nutrients. Can help with lowering high blood pressure, reducing effort on the heart.

Psychological Benefits

Can help reduce stress. Improves mood. Improved self-esteem. Increased satisfaction with oneself. Increased feelings of energy. Improved in confidence in your physical abilities. Can relieve depression and anxiety.

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Everyday Benefits

Improved mood / less mood swings Better functioning in everyday movements. Improved sleep patterns. Improved energy levels. Increased feeling of contentment.