Yoga, Somatics and Yoga Therapy Classes in Sheffield and Online

Welcome to Sun Moon Yoga Sheffield

Sun Moon Yoga offers professional, friendly and safe Yoga and Somatics classes in Sheffield and online.

The aim of Sun Moon Yoga is to provide a safe space for the student to learn about themselves from the physical level to the spiritual.

This begins by noticing the body and the breath. By simply being aware, we can assess actually how we feel in this moment, and begin to respond to that.

Noticing, in more and more detail, the bodily sensations and the flow of the breath, we begin to recognise and unlock habits of tension that are usually, unconsciously locked within.

This is a refreshing way to bring back life to the whole being! Prana, or the life force is able to flow!

As body awareness improves, so does the awareness of the breath. A pattern of breathing cannot be imposed on a person. Rather, the person learns to allow the breath respond naturally.

As the body and breath unite, the mind gradually becomes more stable and present.

A present mind is able to think more clearly, and discern between actions that are beneficial and non beneficial.

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The obstacles to clear perception begin to fade away, and the light of who you are is uncovered. This is felt and experienced as joy and bliss.

This is the Sun Moon Yoga path to liberation.

Come join me on this journey if you like! I am no way there yet, but perhaps there was nowhere to go in the first place!

Classes will always allow the practitioner time to explore and find a practice that is suitable for them.  This is not a one pose fits all approach, but a shared journey of self discovery! 

Yoga Classes

Classes focus on all aspects of Yoga practice, including postures, breathing techniques and meditation, and are taught with the individual in mind. Each student is encouraged to practise according to their own capabilities and needs.  Classes start with a period of quiet reflection, where we simply notice the body’s sensations and observe the breath.  By doing this, the mind is brought to the present moment, and is gradually trained to stay present whilst we advance through movement and postures.  By staying in tune and listening to the body’s natural, innate intelligence, every movement or posture performed is done so in a safe and mindful manner, and becomes a graceful expression of who we are.

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The Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits

Increased mobility and strength, improved balance, improved spinal health and posture. Increases blood flow to muscles. Facilitates physical relaxation.

Physiological Benefits

Improved breathing and increased lung capacity. Improved Digestion, allowing for better absorption of nutrients. Blood pressure stabilisation.

Psychological Benefits

Improved mood. Reduced stress as well as an improved ability to cope with stress. Improved self-esteem. Increased satisfaction with oneself. Increased feelings of energy. Improved in confidence in your physical abilities. Can relieve depression and anxiety.

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Everyday Benefits

Better memory, reduced stress, relief from depression, energy boosting, peace of mind.

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