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Welcome to Sun Moon Yoga Sheffield

Sun Moon Yoga offers Yoga classes, Yoga workshops and 1-1 Yoga in Sheffield, that is suitable for all ages and all levels of experience.  We also run Yoga retreats twice a year and provide Holistic Therapies such as Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

The aim of Sun Moon Yoga is to provide safe, friendly and effective Yoga classes that allow the practitioner to find a practice that is suitable for them.  This is not a one pose fits all approach, but rather gives the practitioner time to discover and understand how their body moves in relationship to gravity, and how to adapt postures to suit their ability.

The practice of Yoga can bring many benefits to the practitioner, including improved physical and mental health, as well as providing a philosophical basis through which we can enhance our quality of life.  

Online Yoga Classes

Classes focus on all aspects of Yoga practice, including postures, breathing techniques and meditation, and are taught with the individual in mind. Each student is encouraged to practise according to their own capabilities and needs.  Classes start with a period of quiet reflection, where we simply notice the body’s sensations and observe the breath.  By doing this, the mind is brought to the present moment, and is gradually trained to stay present whilst we advance through movement and postures.  By staying in tune and listening to the body’s natural, innate intelligence, every movement or posture performed is done so in a safe and mindful manner, and becomes a graceful expression of who we are.

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The Benefits of Yoga

General body shape and fitness is affected.

Loss of excess weight, bringing the body to its natural weight. Increased muscle strength and tone. Improved flexibility and joint mobilisation

The functioning of the heart and arteries can be improved.

Improved cardio-vascular system, reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, stabilises blood pressure

The way we deal with food and oxygen changes.

Improved breathing and metabolism, improved digestion allowing for better absorption of nutrients, improved functioning of the brain and nervous system

Some of our biggest problems in modern life can be alleviated

Better memory, reduced stress, relief from depression, energy boosting, peace of mind

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