Yoga and Somatics Classes in Sheffield

All classes are now open. Please note, there will be no classes during half term school holiday between 17th – 21st February and during Easter holidays between 30th March – 13th April.

Sun Moon Yoga Classes are available for both complete beginner and those with more experience. 

Classes are taught with the individual in mind, and students are encouraged to tune in to their body sensations and become aware of the breath, to find comfort and stability at each stage of their practice.  All classes involve mindful movement, steady postures and breath awareness to keep the body healthy, mobile and strong, and to bring the mind to the present moment.  

Yoga Classes in Sheffield are located in Hunters Bar (S11), Broomhill (S10) and Heeley (S2).

Which class suits me?

There are a variety of classes to suit all abilities and needs.  If you are an absolute beginner or just getting back into a yoga practice, you might like to try starting with the beginners classes. The other mixed level classes are for beginner plus level and intermediate.  If you are limited in movement, or have health conditions that may need some more specific attention, then the Yoga Therapy class may suit you.

Class booking options

  • There are different booking options for each class.  Please check the individual class details for prices.
  • Class passes are available for all classes, and are paid in advance
  • Passes are valid from the date of your first class
  • Drop-in spaces are available if there is space

If you are new to the classes and not sure if you want to commit, then why not try your first class for half the drop-in price.  Please contact me for more details.

Classes can be paid for online or at the class by cheque or cash.  Please contact before turning up at the class to check if there is space available.

As class times vary the cost will also vary, so please see individual class for further details of costs for each class.

Choose a class:

Specialist Class

Somatic Movement Class

  • Specialist class limited to 8 people, for more individual attention.
  • Suitable for those with chronic muscular pain and stiffness
  • Learn simple movements to relieve pain in the body and to bring about coordinated movement
  • Especially suitable for those with existing medical conditions, injuries or limited mobility.
  • Classes sold as 8 week pass valid from date of your first class. 
  • Drop-in spaces may be available.  Please enquire.

What is Somatics?

‘Somatics’ is a term coined by Thomas Hanna PhD, that refers to the discipline of movement reeducation that enhances internal awareness of one’s body. Somatic perception is your own experience of how it feels to be you in your body. From the Greek word ‘soma’, meaning ‘of the body’, somatics can help us to get in touch with our inner bodily sensations and movement patterns or reflexes that often go unnoticed.

Thomas Hanna discovered that there are three basic reflexes in the body that are unconsciously created through our experiences to life. These reflexes can sometimes lead to unhelpful, awkward movements that create pain in the body, and agitation in the mind. Somatic movement uses simple techniques that teach the nervous system to relax held tensions allowing us to begin to move in a more coordinated, functional and pain free manner.

My Qualifications

I am a fully qualified, professional Yoga Therapist, having completed training with Yogacampus in London, which is accredited by The British Council of Yoga Therapy, and have since, regularly update my knowledge by attended therapeutic Yoga workshops with internationally renowned teachers.   I am a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNCH).  I am a qualified Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), and am currently a Somatic Movement educator in training, with Essential Somatics.


Yogacampus is a not-for-profit organisation providing Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training, as well as continuing education (CPD) for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and experienced students.

  • Teacher Training & Yoga Therapy Training
  • respected international teachers
  • a portfolio of holistic-based trainings


Set up by the government to protect the public. We do this by providing a UK register of complementary health practitioners in the UK. Protection of the public is our sole purpose.

  • sets professional standards
  • runs the CHNC register
  • investigates complaints


Supports research and education in yoga and serves as a professional organization for yoga teachers & therapists worldwide.  Our mission is to establish yoga as a recognized and respected therapy.

  • supports research and education in yoga
  • champions yoga as a healing art & science
  • supports research and education in yoga