Terms and Conditions

Sun Moon Yoga Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions concern the workshops and courses run by Sun Moon Yoga Sheffield. The
term ‘workshops and courses’ applies to any workshop, weekend, extended course, online event,
training or any other activity hosted by Sun Moon Yoga whether it is taught by in house teachers or
by external teachers or trainers.
1. These Terms & Conditions are incorporated into the online booking system.
2. The Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and subject to the exclusive
jurisdiction of the English courts.
3. Sun Moon Yoga may change these Terms & Conditions at any time, in which case the amended
Terms & Conditions will be posted on our website and will apply from the date we post them, with
the exception that any registrations or bookings that we have already accepted from you before the
new Terms are posted will continue to be subject to the Terms & Conditions in force when your
registration was accepted. Please check these Terms & Conditions on each occasion you use our
website or make a booking. If you continue to use our website you will be bound by the latest Terms
& Conditions.
4.1. By taking part in one of our workshops and courses you accept responsibility for your own health
and safety. Please ensure that you are fit and well enough to take part in yoga practice. If necessary
you should obtain medical advice before undertaking any yoga practice. Before taking part in any of
workshops and courses you must notify us of any circumstances affecting your mental or physical
health which may be exacerbated by yoga practice. Sun Moon Yoga accepts no liability for any injury
caused by the failure to follow instructions from the teacher or due to non-disclosure of medical
conditions, injury or physical impairment.
4.2. Sun Moon Yoga advises you not to undertake any yoga activities without first seeking medical
advice if you have any concerns over your mental or physical health condition.
4.3. Women who are pregnant should contact the teacher before booking to talk about the suitability
of each class.
4.4. Sun Moon Yoga reserves the right to refuse access to any person if, in its absolute discretion, it
considers that the mental or physical health of the individual concerned may be endangered by
taking part in a workshop or course.
5. By joining our online workshops and courses you automatically accept full responsibility for your
own safety and recognise that in absence of a teacher physically present to advise you, it is your duty
to take full responsibility to ensure that you stay within your physical limits. Neither Sun Moon Yoga
nor the instructor shall bear any responsibility for any injury sustained within the scope of your
participation in our on-line workshops and courses.
6.1. Your place in any of our workshops and courses is only confirmed once full payment has been
made in advance. Payments for workshops and courses with Sun Moon Yoga are non-refundable. If
you need to cancel your place Sun Moon Yoga will endeavour to find a replacement to fill your place
and if a replacement is found we will issue a refund of your payment (minus a reasonable
administration fee), or we will offer to hold your payment (with no administration fee) as credit
towards another workshop or course.
6.2. At their discretion Sun Moon Yoga may waive this cancellation policy in exceptional
circumstances and issue a refund, or offer to credit your payment, without a replacement being
found. Details and reasons must be given at the time of cancellation, and these will then be given
due consideration.
6.3. In the event of Sun Moon Yoga cancelling a workshop or course we will refund all outstanding
deposits and payments you have paid. However, in these circumstances we cannot compensate you
for airfare, travel, accommodation or any other costs incurred. If there are extra costs involved with
attending one of our workshops or courses we recommend that you get travel insurance to cover any
expenses which may result from the event being cancelled. If a course is cancelled after it has started
but before it is completed the amount refunded will be proportional to the number of days or
sessions remaining.
6.4. In the unlikely event of the cancellation of an event by the ‘principle(s)’ (i.e. a cancellation due to
circumstances beyond Sun Moon Yoga’s control), Sun Moon Yoga will only refund the face value of
the event, and will not, nor cannot, be held responsible for any additional fees incurred by the
customer. Sun Moon Yoga will use best endeavours to contact purchasers either by phone
or email, using the details provided at the time of ordering to inform them of any changes.
7. Personal belongings are brought to our workshops and courses at your own risk and Sun Moon
Yoga does not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to such items. For security reasons
you are advised to keep valuables with you at all times and not leave them in changing rooms or
elsewhere in the venue.
8. Unless express permission is given, you are not allowed to photograph, copy, duplicate or video
any material provided during one of our workshops and courses. In general, it is usually permissible
to make notes during a workshop or course but audio and video recordings cannot be made without
the express permission from the instructor.
9. By taking part in an online workshop or course you agree not to record the sessions or to share
links with any other person without express permission from Sun Moon Yoga
10. If you require clarification of any of these Terms & Conditions please contact Sun Moon Yoga:
info@sunmoonyoga.co.uk before attending any of our workshops and courses.
(18th February 2023