Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Woman lying in relaxation or Savasana

Yoga Therapy is a yoga lesson that is tailored toward the individual, providing simple, clear and coherent instructions in the use of movement, postures and breath to aid the person in finding their optimum health. 

As the needs of each person are different, so the practice given will be different for each person. Yoga Therapy is not meant as a substitute for conventional health treatment or practices, but rather, serves as an accompanying  practice that helps bring balance back to the whole being. It is an holistic self practice. A return to wholeness.

Yoga Therapy can help treat many common ailments, such as back pain, neck ache, stiffness, arthritis, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. It is specifically helpful in dealing with stress. 


A Yoga therapy session involves firstly, a client consultation whereby the conditions and needs of the client are discussed. This is private and confidential.

The therapist is not trained to diagnose any conditions. This is the role of the GP. The therapist is however trained to assess any health records that are shown to them, and devise a routine that helps to deal with the specific issues of the client, whilst gradually promoting more long term general health awareness.

The first session lasts around 75 minutes. Following sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

Yoga Therapy and Somatics 1-1 Face to Face and Online Sessions

See below for full cost of lessons
£ 40 First Session - 90 mins
  • Following individual session - £40 - 75 mins
  • 3 Session for £90
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