Thursday 6pm Beginners Yoga (In Person)

Time: Thursdays 6 pm – 7.15pm

Dates: 9th June – 14th July 2022

Venue: Shirley House, 31 Psalter Ln, Sheffield S11 8YL

Cost:  £48 – 6 week block / £10 – drop -in / £7 low waged / first session – drop-in

About the class: Please see below


Thursday 6pm Beginners Yoga (In Person)

About the Class

This beginner’s Yoga class is not only suitable for complete beginners, but also for those that want to try a mindful, slowed down, Somatic approach to Yoga. In this class you will begin to learn how to tune in to the finer sensations in your body. Through simple movements we become able to sense the body better, and in turn became better at moving the body. Or coordination improves as we improve our sensory-motor control! This leads to more comfort and ease in the body, and also less strain in our movements. As the body holds less tension, we begin to feel more energetic, lighter, and even our mental health begins to improve!

This class also introduces breath awareness and simple breathing exercises to calm the nervous system and bring clarity to the mind.