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Week Commencing 13th November 2017

Videos of topics related to class teachings

This late Autumn half term we are studying the Chakras.  Below is an interesting description of the Chakras in relation to the Vagus nerve.

This week we are exploring Swadisthana, or the Sacral Chakra.  Below is some chanting of VAM, the seed Mantra used to bring balance back to this chakra.  Best enjoyed in quiet surroundings without distraction.


Here is a Chakra Worksheet that may be of interest if you are attending classes this term.


Yoga related articles:

Pantanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga 

Bandhas and Prana

Relaxation Physiology by Roger Cole

Practice plans:

Please note that these practice plans were specifically put up here for the benefit of the students that have gone over these sequences in class with me.  They may also be used by others but please practice with safety, care and attention.

Yoga Session 1 (Moving with breath)

Beginners Sun Salutation

Yoga sequences

Building a Daily Practice

Balance sequence

Warm Up Routine

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