Somatic Movement – Releasing Neck and Shoulder Tension

Woman standing by the sea with arms wide

Overview This morning workshop will explore how to release tension held in the neck, shoulder and spine through Somatic Movement.  We will explore gentle movement that retrains the brain to allow for more freedom of movement and improved postural and movement awareness. The attendees will receive notes and instructions on how to practice the movements. … Read more

Improve your Balance with Somatic Movement and Yoga

Person standing on trig point with sunset behind

As we get older our sense of balance deteriorates and the risks associated with falling over become greater: we lose physical strength and bone density and take longer to recover from a fall. This can happen gradually over time, and may not even be noticeable until we go to a Yoga class and find that … Read more

Somatic Movement Education for Runners and Walkers


About the Workshop Running and walking are both natural movements that we make regularly in every day life. Whilst walking is done by almost everyone, running, which was once necessary for our survival, is now mostly done for pleasure or exercise or to catch the bus! Running can be a joyous activity that promotes good … Read more