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Improve your Balance with Somatic Movement and Yoga

As we get older our sense of balance deteriorates and the risks associated with falling over become greater: we lose physical strength and bone density and take longer to recover from a fall. This can happen gradually over time, and may not even be noticeable until we go to a Yoga class and find that we cannot do many of the balancing poses, or we begin to start to fall more often.
The reasons for this are varied and complex, but by understanding them better, we can find ways to mitigate the effects of ageing on our sense of balance.
The ability to balance depends on a number of factors including being able to sense our body position in space (proprioception), the functioning of our vestibular system in the inner ear and the ability to use our eyes to calibrate our position in our environment.
This workshop will theoretically help us to understand the science behind the ability to balance, and practically work with somatic movement and Yoga to begin the process of improving our sensorimotor control. The better we can sense our bodies, the more control we have over them. As sensorimotor control improves our ability to balance can improve.
We will learn how the vestibular system controls our ability to balance, and understand the issues that can sometimes affect this.
The workshop is slow and gentle and is suitable for all, including complete beginners to Somatics or Yoga.
This workshop may also be of interest to Yoga teachers that would like to understand why their students might struggle with balances, and what you can do to help them.

COST: £40 / 30 concessions/low waged


Oct 28 2023


9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Shirley House, 31 Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YL

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