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Online Somatic Movement Workshop – Freeing Neck and Shoulder Tension



This morning workshop will explore how to release tension held in the neck, shoulder and spine through Somatic Movement. 

We will explore gentle movement to allow us to begin to sense our bodies to then enable us to move better and become more at ease in our bodies.

The attendees will receive notes and instructions on how to practice the movements.

What is creating tension?

When we sit we may or may not notice the position of our head in relation to the rest of the body. For many people who have to sit all day at the desk looking at the computer, the head can often be brought forward as we get absorbed in the information on our screens.

When the head is held in this position for some time, the weight of the head is not being supported by the spine below, but is held up by the neck muscles. The neck muscles then become overworked and tight, which can lead to serious pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back, as well as a general sense of fatigue as the muscles are constantly switched on.

Man sitting in poor posture at desk

Overtime this can have an effect on our breathing. We may not be able to breathe as efficiently as we could because the front of the body becomes compressed due to the forward head position. This posture occurs unconsciously for example when we are looking at our mobile phones or whilst driving.

It is also a whole body habitual protective pattern associated with the fear response or the Red Light Reflex.

Through lack of awareness of the body and our postural habits, areas in the body, such as the thoracic spine can lose mobility and become stiff. Other areas of the body, such as the neck, have to compensate for this lack of movement, and therefore get overused, in our everyday movement, leading to more tightness and pain.

The Solution...?

If we try to ‘fix’ this problem by stretching tight neck muscles, we only make the problem worse, as the stretch reflex, as a protective response only tightens the muscles further. When we learn to sense our posture during sitting, standing or walking, we learn to respond accordingly to keep ourselves stable and comfortable.

Somatic Movement

Somatic movement can help us to bring awareness to our posture and gently develop our sensory awareness of the body.

Through slow contracting and releasing of muscles, we begin to improve the sensory motor control of our brains. The brain becomes better at releasing muscles at will which then eases tension in muscles and allows us to move with more ease and freedom.

When we move, groups of muscles work together to create a functional movement. Somatic movement teaches us natural, functional movement patterns that replace old unhelpful patterns of tension. Movements are slow and gentle to allow us time to sense what is happening and improve upon what we sense.

This workshop is suitable for all. If you are suffering from serious neck pain and are unsure as to whether this kind of movement will be helpful, please get in touch with me to discuss, or see a health professional for advice.

Cost £20 / £15 low waged


Sep 24 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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