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Yoga for Mental Wellbeing – Managing stress and anxiety with Yoga

This one day Yoga retreat will help you to find ways to improve mental health. Yoga is long know to produce health benefits both physically and mentally, and can be a safe complementary practice to aid mental health.

The body and mind are seen as one in Yoga, so if there is a problem in one, the other is affected. This workshop will explore this connection.

We will use movement and Yoga postures to bring the mind to a more stable place by observing how we move and how we feel in our bodies.

With Pranayama or breathwork, we can begin to calm the nervous system and find simple methods to activate our ‘relaxation response’

We will explore why the brain is hard-wired to produce critical thinking, and how we can over-ride this primitive survival response.

Gentle meditative techniques and methods of relaxation will be taught to complete our practice for optimal mental well-being.

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Sep 24 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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