Yoga Therapy Workshop – The Mind, the Emotions and Your Body

According to Yogic philosophy, the mind and body are not separate but one. When we try to eliminate the ailments of the body without taking in to consideration our mental health, we will only be dealing with half the story. Each of us has a story of our lives that has led us to where … Read more

Embracing Balance: The Spring Equinox and its Connection with Yoga

As nature ushers in the season of renewal with the spring equinox, a celestial phenomenon symbolizing perfect balance between daylight and darkness, the yoga community finds inspiration in this cosmic dance of equilibrium. The equinox’s symbolism extends beyond astronomical significance; it resonates with the core principles of yoga—balance, harmony, and interconnectedness. In the yogic philosophy, … Read more

Winter Solstice Yoga

Person standing in snow with arms raised in front of rising sun.

The Winter Solstice is the time of year where we experience the shortest day and longest night. It is a time for going inwards, for nurturing and recognising that to be fully active in our world we need to take time to nourish ourselves, to become quiet and focus our attention on inner growth and … Read more