Person standing in snow with arms raised in front of rising sun.

Winter Solstice Yoga

The Winter Solstice is the time of year where we experience the shortest day and longest night. It is a time for going inwards, for nurturing and recognising that to be fully active in our world we need to take time to nourish ourselves, to become quiet and focus our attention on inner growth and renewal to prepare for the coming year. We also welcome back the return of the Sun. The return of light. But without darkness there is no light. So by acknowledging our shadow side we are able to go beyond the duality of life: the dark and light, the good and bad, and realise that there is only this present moment existence. This awareness remains the same as it recognises the ever changing world around us and the fluctuations of the body and mind. We then become less disturbed by outer changes as we notice that our inner being is unchanging, unwavering and can provide a constant source of joy and peace.



Dec 16 2023


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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